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Our Team

Damian Sedo

CEO DropAnswer

Mastermind of Dropanswer idea. He did his Master from world's recognized university RUBM.

Alexis Gimson

Full Stack Developer

I Am full stack developer and responsible for developing Dropanswer website.I am passionate developer

Eric Valdas

Ethereum Engineer

I am Principal Ethereum Engineer with Good Experience in Software Engineering and looking for New Challenges.

Mark Okeyo

Software Engineer

I am a passionate software developer. I started out in Bitcoin back in 2012 with mining.

Eric Ruckis

IOS Developer

I've started as a Flash developer, and then switched to Javascript and IOS apps. I've been working on multimedia projects from Last 5 years.

Kelvin Foster

financial analyst

Kelvin is a financial analyst with exposure to corporate finance that he is expanding into Bitcoin / Blockchain derivatives.

Valdas Auvlis

Buiness Advisor

Valdas is an intelligent, motivated, passionate go-getter who brings a positive and innovative mentality to the workplace.

Joe DelMonte

Business Expert

I am interested in leveraging technology to solve business issues, improve business performance and deliver more agile, streamlined, cost-effective and customer friendly solutions.

Mark Carter

Architect Engineer

Technology executive with broad experience in all aspects of system architecture and application development.

Kelly Garza


Kelly is a strong strategic planner with experience in different sectors of the financial industry.


Social media was created with the aim of giving users a platform to share, interact and learn. However, the focus has shifted to monetization of user data while the generators of that content do not get paid. Marketers have continued to focus on social media as the main avenues for marketing ads because of large number of users. The combined number of users on major social media platforms has reached over 3 billion. Furthermore, the market capitalization of major social networking companies is more than $500 billion.


The DropAnswer platform

The DropAnswer platform takes the solutions elucidated above and makes them a reality. The platform allows users to make queries and answer queries while earning from their responses. Additionally, users will also be able to vote for the best responses giving those with high quality content recognition and an opportunity to earn more money.


DeeCoin DeeCoin is the basic currency of the system. All members will get paid in DeeCoin for posting question, answer, like, comment and upvote. System will only reward those who add something positive to the community and punish those who will try to cheat the system.


Dbooster is the power of the system. On DropAnswer DBooster will determine how influential you are. It means more DBooster you have more influential and more powerful you will be on the platform. DBooster cannot be bought directly. It can only be purchased by DeeCoin on the platform. This is to ensure members share the long-term approach to being on the platform. Those who want to accumulate value in the long-term, will need to constantly share, interact and make posts from time to time. This will not only benefit the long-term investors, but will also ensure the platform has value engagements.


Dtoken are representing DeeCoin.These are the only token which are accepted to Dropanswer.Any purchase or sale done on our platform will be through Deecoin whether it is purchase of advertisement or DBooster.DeeCoin can be used for following:

  • Buying Dbooster to become more influent on the platform
  • Purchase of advertisement on Dropanswer
  • Sending funds to other people (Friends or Family)
  • Fund your Debit Card (Will be used as we Launch our debit card)


Token sale

Tokens Distribution

Start date: Nov, 15 2017 12:00 PM EST

End date: Dec, 15 2017 12:00 PM EST

Total Coin Supply For ICO: 30000000

Total Supply: 600000000 (increase on 40% per annum)

Currency Accepted: Eth

Minimum Goal to start:14500 Ethereum

Token Exchange rate: 1 Eth=800

Maximum Token 1 Person can buy: Unlimited

Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.1 Eth

Maximum transaction Amount: Unlimited Eth


12% For 1st Week

10% For 2nd Week

7% for 3rd Week

5% For 4th Week